6G-TWIN is proud to organise and chair a clustering workshop at the upcoming Sustainable Places 2024 International conference, 23-25 Sept. 2024, Luxembourg.

The energy efficiency of future 6G mobile networks and the built environment are interconnected through various factors such as infrastructure deployment, network optimization, smart technologies, and urban planning strategies. Efforts to improve energy efficiency in one area can positively impact the other, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly urban ecosystem.

Our workshop will explore the intersection of sustainability and 6G mobile networks, addressing the pressing need to integrate environmental considerations into the design, deployment, and operation of future wireless communication systems. 

As the global community strives to achieve ambitious sustainability goals, the workshop will provide a platform for researchers, industry professionals, and policymakers to discuss innovative approaches, green technologies, and holistic strategies for minimizing the ecological footprint of 6G networks. 

Our workshop will convene EU-funded collaborative projects dedicated to developing and demonstrating energy-efficient network architectures, renewable energy integration, life cycle assessments, eco-friendly materials, and policy frameworks that foster sustainable practices in the development and operation of future 6G mobile networks.

Through collaborative discussions and knowledge sharing, the workshop aims to catalyze advancements towards a more sustainable and environmentally responsible era of wireless communication.

Projects with participation already confirmed: BeGreen ; Coalesce ; In2CCAM ; CENTRIC ; 6Green ; Zero-Swarm.

Are you interested to join and contribute to our workshop ? Then contact our dissemination manager Régis Decorme (R2M Solution).



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