6G-TWIN solutions will be tested through 2 demonstrators.

1. Teleoperated driving demonstrator

NDT solutions allow to anticipate (predictive DT) the network behaviour that could face a teleoperated vehicle prior to its departure, to ensure an extreme quality of service and availability of the network resources all along its journey.​

2. Energy savings demonstrator

NDT solutions are used to adapt its behaviour in near real time with the objective to optimise the overall, end-to-end energy efficiency of the network (reactive DT).

Labs hosting the demonstrators

6G-TWIN demonstrators will exploit technical facilities of LIST and IMEC Labs.

LIST’s 6G Lab, equipped with simulation, emulation and testing solutions, to implement and showcase the teleoperated driving demonstrator.

IMEC-IDLab Beyond 5G Lab is equippated with software and hardware components that facilitates the design and development of novel RAN and Core Network functionalities for the energy saving demonstrator.

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